Pushing Towards a Self Sustaining Process.

Discover the principles of forest gardening, but also find out what it takes to take permaculture to the next level. Sustain yourself and keep it natural.

Natural Farm Products

Growing your own food is not just satisfactory, but it will also give you natural and organic products with no chemicals or preservatives.

Organic Food

In a world where everyone is aware of the dangers coming with supermarket foods, growing your own organic food can make the difference.

Supporting the Environment

The more self sustained you are, the more you help the environment – keep things natural and nature will reward you.

All the Education You Need

We will provide the knowledge, education and services to help you turn self sustainable in an economy that needs it.

From Soil to Tomatoes

From the first soil tests to the ultimate guide on how to become self sustainable, we will educate you on every aspect of permaculture.

A New Lifestyle

It might feel a little challenging at first, but once you get into it, nothing will grab you back – permaculture is a passion, a lifestyle.

Who We Are

We brought together a service that will give you everything you need to become self sustainable. We have the education and tools to do it, but we also provide the right soil testing services.

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Bushes and trees

You do not necessarily have to buy trees and bushes. Instead, planting them yourself and looking after them will be even better.


Fruit trees will take a few years to give out any fruits, but nothing is more satisfying than tasting your own apples or pears.


Cereals make an excellent option on wide fields. Moreover, you have plenty of options – we will educate you on each of them.


Vegetables are easy to grow – by the next year, you will eat your own produce. What can be more exciting than that?

Bush fruits

Fruits like strawberries or raspberries might seem challenging, but their requirements are actually minimal – just give them a few months.


We will teach you everything you need to know about planting, maintenance, harvesting and all the other processes in between.


Do you have the right soil to go self sustainable?

We will find out for you. We have the tools and expertise to analyze your soil. We will come over, grab a sample and get back at you with all the answers – what to plant, when to do it and where.

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