Who We Are

Find out how we started and what the benefits of permaculture are. We are here to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Forets Comestibles is based on permaculture. We aim to change the world into better. We are a bunch of experienced engineers and professionals willing to ease your job and helping you adopt a self sustained lifestyle. Our company is based on three major elements. First, we have an ethical framework. Second, we strive to help people understand how nature works. Third, we recommend a design approach. This combination might seem a little unusual at first, especially if you have never dealt with permaculture before. The primary role of this mix is to come up with an ethical framework that we use to create a regenerative system. It makes no difference what scale you need – it could be a simple farm or an entire community.

Making the world a better place.

Permaculture is based on two concepts – permanent agriculture and permanent culture. In other words, we try to help further generations sustain themselves in harmony with nature.

Permaculture is quite innovative and underlines a practical method to create ecologically productive systems that anyone can use, regardless of their location. We plan everything in the smallest details – from food to energy. While most people fail to realize it, you can get more from life by using a lot less – less effort, less resources and less waste. This is our essence. We can help you cooperate with nature and care for it, as well as those around you. While it might seem exclusive to farmers, the truth is that the principles of permaculture can be implemented anywhere. It makes no difference if you have a city flat, a yard, an allotment, a farm, a countryside area or an educational establishment. A little education combined with our experience can change everything.