Our Services

To keep things simple, we try to be simple. We analyze your soil and educate you on what you can grow or plant for a self sustainable lifestyle.

Your Soil

We provide soil testing services to ensure you can grow whatever you are interested in. If you cannot, we will tell you what works.

Your Produce

Nothing tastes better than a red, slightly cracked tomato grabbed from your garden – the authentic taste of vegetables that no supermarket can match.


Some of our clients have turned to suppliers – wide fields, cereals or trees, whatever works for you. If in excess, sell it.

Keep It Natural

Your own produce will taste and smell better, but it will also be healthier. You can forget about all those chemicals.

Quality Advice

Our experts will tell you about everything you can plant based on your soil, as well as plants that might work and plants that will never grow.<br />

Becoming an Agriculturist

Nothing feels better than becoming self sustained. We will educate you on all aspects of permaculture to ensure a successful venture.

Who We Are

We brought together a service that will give you everything you need to become self sustainable. We have the education and tools to do it, but we also provide the right soil testing services.